Emergency in north-eastern Syria - Protection of civilians during the armed conflict

Technical details

Mezzaluna Rossa Kurdistan Italy

Kurdish Red Crescent (northern and eastern Syria)

Action area:
Near and Middle East . Syria
Emergency and humanitarian crises
32.000,00 €
  • 32.000,00 €


The project contributes to ensuring the basic needs (health services and basic subsistence items) of the population of northern and eastern Syria affected by the armed conflict, in order to contribute to achieving the right to life, security and well-being.

Basic items for survival (powdered milk, heaters, small cookers, blankets) are distributed to people temporarily housed in camps for displaced people and in schools. Support is also provided for the healthcare system at Tal Tamer Hospital, where injured and other vulnerable people are treated. Emergency and primary care services are reinforced with medical personnel, medicines and a 24-hour ambulance service.

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