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European Metropolitan Authorities (EMA)

Technical details

Action area:
Sustainable urban development


The European Metropolitan Authorities (EMA) conference is a gathering of metropolitan officials organised by the AMB as a platform to share experiences, undertake joint projects, stake out positions and defend their interests before the European Union and their respective national governments.

The EMA platform includes a group of large metropolitan European cities of similar size and similar characteristics, and it is a chance for the representatives of these cities to come together to share and debate methodologies, initiatives, experiences and the innovative projects they are implementing in their metropolitan areas.

The EMA provides the representatives of European metropolitan areas with a forum for debate in the form of an annual meeting where they can join together to demand a more relevant role for cities within the EU. These topics are ripe for international debate between metropolitan cities, as in many cases it is impossible for any one local authority to act on these issues alone.


  • To strengthen the relations between metropolitan officials in Europe.
  • To debate, exchange experiences and contribute to the generation of common solutions to the main challenges facing metropolitan cities.
  • To gain recognition for metropolitan areas as key actors within the European Union with roles to play in the design, definition and implementation of policies.
  • To gain differential treatment in the management of EU budget resources.

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