Diàleg d'àrees metropolitanes sobre infraestructures verdes: superar reptes i potenciar beneficis

Dialogue of metropolitan areas on green infrastructure: overcome challenges and maximise profits 
Technical details
Gobierno de la Ciudad de México (ME)
Ciudad de México (ME)
Área Metropolitana del Valle de Aburrá (ME)
Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB) (ES)
Action area:
Central America
  • 16 % financing

    16 % financing


Mexico City, Valle de Aburrá Metropolitan Area and Barcelona Metropolitan Area seek to exchange experiences to strengthen technical capacities around the effective implementation of green infrastructure. The aim is to enhance its benefits in the environment and human well-being through green connectivity, urban biodiversity and resilience to climate change. In addition, governance mechanisms and innovative financing solutions will be targeted as measures to address the challenges involved in their implementation. Therefore, the preparation of diagnostic documents, field visits with the participation of various actors and the preparation of a manual of good practices that serves as a guide for other cities is contemplated.

The main objective is to share experiences and strengthen local capacities in the planning and implementation of green infrastructure as a nature-based solution to obtain multiple benefits for human well-being and the resilience of metropolitan areas, addressing the challenges and possible solutions.
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