Imatge d'un parc urbà

Collaborative Learning in Research, Information-sharing and Governance on How Urban forest-based solutions support Sino-European urban futures.

Technical details


Trees and forests are a proven nature-based solution that contribute to more sustainable urban development. Their potential for delivering ecosystem services, enhancing biodiversity and contributing to the wellbeing of urban societies is often underestimated and underused. CLEARING HOUSE provides evidence and tools that facilitate mobilising the full potential of urban forest-based solutions (UFBS) for rehabilitating, reconnecting and restoring urban ecosystems. UFBS comprise every measure a city can take to address urban development challenges by deploying tree-based ecosystems.

Building on compiled knowledge and novel evidence emerging from comparative analysis in targeted case studies in Europe and China, CLEARING HOUSE develops a set of user-targeted outputs to support cities, planners, business and civil society in implementing UFBS. Inter alia, an online application will be developed comprising: (1) sustainable business models & investment cases for UFBS, (2) an online handbook & portfolio of inspiring UFBS, (3) thematic guidelines & reference guides for operationalising UFBS, (4) a knowledge repository on UFBS, and (5) a framework for benchmarking UFBS. In sum, CLEARING HOUSE will support cost-effective and performant UFBS that positively affect both urban ecosystems and societies in China and Europe.

The main objective of CLEARING HOUSE is to analyse and develop – across China and Europe – the potential of UFBS for enhancing the adaptive capacity and resilience of cities facing major ecological, socio-economic, public health and wellbeing challenges.

AMB will contribute to the exploratory and in depth analysis of the Barcelona Case Study. AMB will input and benefit from the from the exchange of experiences with European and Chinese cities through the Collaborative Learning Process and the pilot testing of solutions, with focus on UFBS field laboratories.