Exploring the potential of circular bioeconomy in cities. Proactive instruments for policy makers and stakeholders
Technical details
Total project budget: 999.893,75€ AMB budget: 62.500,00€
  • 65 % cofinancing

    65 % cofinancing


BIOCIRCULARCITIES aims to support the development of the regulatory framework and innovative roadmaps aligned with the principles of circular bioeconomy, focused on "bio-based waste" and based on the co-creation of knowledge thanks to participatory processes with multiple stakeholders.

The project has been designed to:

i) explore the potential of circular economy in some value chains of unused bio-waste according to the principles of bioeconomy in three European urban contexts around the cities of Barcelona (ES), Naples (IT) and Pazardzhik (BG);

ii) identify and analyze the best circular bioeconomy practices in the EU that could be used as a successful example for the pilot areas;

iii) detect opportunities and regulatory and commercial deficiencies for the introduction of biocircular practices in local and international markets;

iv) propose proactive instruments and roadmaps to support circular bioeconomy and expand it to the European framework.