Requirements for public construction projects and urban planning documents

The AMB staff and suppliers involved in the drafting of public construction projects or urban planning documents must follow a series of requirements. Here you can download detailed documents concerning to such requirements.

Public construction projects
The drafting of the AMB projects must follow the PE 730.02 procedure.

The PE 730.02 is part of the SIGQMA documentation and includes guidelines for writing projects (IT 730.02.A and IT 730.02.B), sheets of self-control, definition and project monitoring that must be formalized by the author of such project (FM 730.02.03, FM 730.02.05, FM 730.02.07, FM 730.02.08, FM 730.02.09 and FM 730.02.16) and some model documents that can be included as part of the project.

Documentation comprising the procedure PE 730.02 is classified according to whether they are projects of civil works and  green spaces or building projects.
Urban planning documents
The drafting of the urban planning projects, drafting of studies and technical reports commissioned by the AMB must follow the PE 730.03 procedure.

PE 730.03 includes different formats of self-definition and project monitoring of the urban plans, studies and technical reports that the author must formalise in each case (FM 730.03.01, FM 730.03.03 and FM 730.03.04).