European city councils and metropolitan areas raise their voice against the Russian invasion of Ukraine

| Subject: AMB - Institutional

Around a hundred mayors and representatives of European metropolitan areas have signed the Mariúpol Declaration condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and calling on European governments and the European Commission to step up efforts to stop the war

Two of the signatories of the declaration are Laia Bonet, Deputy Mayor of Barcelona City Council, and Ernest Maragall, Vice-President of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB).

In the declaration, among other demands, the representatives of local bodies demand the following actions:

  • EU pressure to the Russian government to open humanitarian corridors.
  • Adoption of solidarity policies and planning reception and integration of refugees from Ukraine.
  • Cancellation of any European economic transactions with Russia and Belarus until the Russian army withdrawal from Ukraine.
Find the Mariúpol Declaration full text.