ValEUr Gabès


| Subject: International Cooperation

Unconventional water resources planning project in the city of Gabès

Reunió del projecte

On 23th July 2020, MedCities took part in a joint meeting with members of the Union for the Mediterranean's Water Agenda Task Force, during which it presented the project ValEUr Gabès, coordinated by the AMB, which involves launching a plan for unconventional water resources in the city of Gabès.

The purpose of combining the 4th meeting of the Task Force on Water-Energy-Food Ecosystems (WEFE) and the 5th meeting of the Water Employment Migration (WEM) work group was to collectively identify the priorities of both work plans and offer guidance regarding synergetic actions. In this regard, MedCities and the AMB will contribute to both agendas through the project "ValEUr Gabès: Valorisation of urban water through innovative actions and instruments", which was approved and will be financed by the European Union. The project is due to start on 1st October 2020 and will have a duration of 30 months.

Valorisation of stormwater

In addition to launching a plan for unconventional water resources in the city of Gabès, participants in ValEUr Gabès will also seek to implement measures and innovative projects for the valorisation of stormwater, which will primarily be comprised of collection systems for buildings and groundwater infiltration and recharge systems. MedCities, the organisation responsible for capitalising the project in other cities in Tunisia and the Mediterranean region, will ensure that the project's technical results and policy proposals are linked to global and regional water agendas.