The EMA's 2015 conclusions are published


| Subject: International Relations

Regional competitiveness and social cohesion in European cities

The AMB has published the results of the European Metropolitan Authorities (EMA) 2015 meeting held in Barcelona on 13 March. This meeting was attended by mayors and presidents of Europe's main cities and metropolitan areas.

The aim of the seminar, which was organised by the AMB, was to discuss the future challenges for governing European metropolitan areas and define the basis for a collaborative relationship to build skills influencing European Union states and authorities.

The AMB has compiled the key messages raised during the seminar into one publication.

The document includes an executive account of the conference, the framework document to be worked on, entitled 'Metropolitan Governance in Europe: Models and Challenges', along with a gallery of images from the conference. It also includes the Barcelona Declaration 2015, a political commitment made by the authorities that participated in the seminar, advocating collaboration between metropolitan areas, knowledge transfer and exchange of experiences, and asking the European Union for differential treatment in resource management.

The conference brought together political representatives from 15 cities of 10 different countries (Vienna, Paris, Brussels, Turin, Bologna, Toulouse, Oporto, Rennes, Lille, Marseille, Liverpool, Warsaw, Oslo, Novi Sad and Barcelona), as well as the OECD and other global and European city networks (UCLG, Metropolis, Eurocities, Metrex, FMDV and Medcities). It will be run again in 2016 in Turin. The AMB's aim is for the conference to continue in the future and for it to be held regularly in different European cities.

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