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The residents of Cervelló de Llobregat will enjoy an on-demand bus service

Bus a demanda

The AMB has launched a pilot project in Cervelló de Llobregat to improve mobility services through the application of Galileo satellite geolocation technology. Supported by an online app and a direct hotline, residents of peripheral housing developments will be able to access two bus lines, allowing for tailored, on-demand bus services to ensure a sufficient and efficient public bus service in peripheral neighbourhoods.

This scheme has been developed as a final stage of Galileo for Mobility, a project funded by the European Research program HORIZON 2020 and initiated in 2017. Galileo for Mobility has strived to overcome the limitations of traditional GPS-based solutions in this area, such as the lack of availability, positioning errors and low signal availability. This project has taken place in the context of expanding sharing economy models, increasing democratization of smart mobile devices and a related increase of shared mobility services, which have allowed for a widespread use of user geolocation to match demand and offer of different transport modes.

Following these lines and after two years of research and knowledge exchange, the launch of this pilot project will serve as a starting point to study the application of this model of bus service on demand in other municipalities in the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

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