New ERDF AMB website


| Subject: International Relations

The website provides information about metropolitan projects supported by the European Union

The AMB recently launched the new ERDF AMB 2014-2020 website to give greater visibility to the projects co-funded by the ERDF as part of the agreement entered into between the Government of Catalonia and the AMB. The website also represents an opportunity to disseminate the results obtained with support from the European Union at all levels, from local to global, as well as developments affecting the management of the projects.

This new website includes a brief presentation of the cooperation agreement signed with the Government of Catalonia to undertake actions co-funded by the ERDF, a detailed description of the projects approved under this agreement, news on developments and useful links.

The content of the new ERDF AMB website is divided into easily browsable sections, making it easy to view both on a computer and, particularly, mobile phones.

ERDF AMB 2014-2020 website