Madinatouna project concludes


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Six cities development strategies are presented in Tunisia

Madinatouna participatory project presented its results to the final conference held in Tunis on 24 and 25 September. After more than a year and a half of work, a total of 9 Tunisian cities will receive from this project strategies for the development of their own cities.

Launched as part of the Country Program of  Cities Alliance, the project concluded with the elaboration of six City Development Strategies, concerning the cities of Gabes, Kairouan, Beja, Sidi Bouzid, Tataouine and Medenine, while 3 more are being finalized for the cities of M'Saken, Jendouba and Soukra.

The conference brought together the mayors and technical representatives of the 9 cities involved, the implementing partners, such as PNUD, GiZ, MedCities, CILG-VNGi and the National Federation of Tunisian Cities (FNVT), relevant national institutions such as the Ministry of Local Affairs and international donors.

Participatory Strategic Planning Exercise

The conference was an excellent opportunity to debate about the future of strategic planning in Tunisia and the continuation of the work done under Madinatouna, especially regarding the implementation of the Strategies, the networking and exchange of experiences among the participating parties and the strengthening of their technical capacities.

MedCities has been very actively involved in this project since its preparation, at the aftermath of the completion of the CDS of Sousse under the methodological guidance of MedCities and the AMB. This exercise of participatory strategic planning generated the vast interest of  national and local institutions in Tunisia, who saw in MedCities' methodology the opportunity to mobilise local actors towards a common vision of the sustainable development of their city. As the partner responsable for the methodology, MedCities worked together with the rest of the partners to adapt it to the needs of the municipalities in a moment of decentralization and enhanced competencies.

Furthermore, MedCities accompanied the cities of Gabès and Kairouan in the elaboration of their strategies, which we proudly present.



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