EMA participates in Walk'n'Roll Cities

| Subject: International Relations

Platform to exchange ideas, inspirations and learn from each other


European Metropolitan Authorities (EMA) is a networking forum for leading politicians from Europe's main metropolises. The main goal of EMA is to provide a platform to discuss the challenges of European metropolitan governance. Apart from offering space for political discussions, EMA is also a knowledge-sharing platform that fosters partnerships for the implementation of European and other international projects. In the case of the RiConnect project (Rethinking, transforming and integrating mobility infrastructures), EMA was the platform to create the consortium of eight European metropolitan areas.

RiConnect is an URBACT programme Action Planning Network co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the first URBACT project where all the partners are metropolitan areas. The project is aimed at helping Europe's metropolises to find solutions to their common urban challenges through the improvement of local policies and capacities in order to design integrated action plans for sustainable urban development.

One of the key challenges facing many cities in Europe is the physical separation of the different components of everyday life, which generates a significant demand for sustainable mobility. That is why 28 European cities of different sizes in 16 countries have come together to face today's mobility challenges. The partners of the RiConnect, Space4People and Thriving Streets (URBACT) networks decided to establish long-term cooperation and created Walk'n'Roll Cities - a platform to exchange ideas, inspirations and learn from each other.

Together, these cities explored visions and interventions that could contribute to the massive reduction of car use in our cities. And thanks to the Knowledge Hub initiative of the URBACT programme, an online publication presenting these views and interventions has also been created. The AMB has actively participated in the development of this publication already available for downloading at the URBACT website.

In fact, it is an accessible, practical and concise resource for local politicians, professionals, and even citizens committed to making their city a better place for people.

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