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Round table on the experience in three different territories

Tuesday, October 2nd, took place the round table at the IBEI Auditorium: "What represents the defense of human rights? Three territories, three experiences: post Mubarak Egypt, the forced disappearances in Mexico and the southern border of Spain". This round table, organized by the International Cooperation Service of AMB within the Cities Defending Human Rights project, has been a reflection exercise on what defense of human rights means.

The round table has had three activists from three different countries: Egyptian photojournalist Ahmed Ali, Mexican activist Janahuy Paredes and Senegalese syndicalist Spitou Mendy. Each of them has shared their experience as defenders of Human Rights, the tools, difficulties and alliances on which they count. They have also explained the violations of human rights in their respective countries and the strategies to ensure that rights are guaranteed.

The experience in the territories of three activists

Janahuy Paredes explained how her father disappeared in Mexico, under circumstances that are still unknown today. Since then, she has devoted herself to organizing with other families to defend his right to truth, justice and reparation. This investigation has led to numerous attacks and aggressions, often perpetrated by actors linked to public institutions.

On the other hand, Spitou Mendy exhibited his experience for almost five years as a field worker in Almeria. The harsh conditions of immigrant people at work in the field made him join the Andalusian Union of Workers (SOC-SAT). Since then, he has been a firm defender of the labor rights of migrants.

Finally, Ahmed Ali explained his experience in the April 6 Movement, which played a key role in the fall of Hosni Mubarak regime. Through his photographs and reports he taught the world what was happening in Egypt. He was sentenced to prison for these acts and had to take up exile. Currently, he lives in Spain and works in a documentary about the lives of refugees in our country.

During the event, some professors and researchers from IBEI and the Catalan Federation of NGOs enriched the debate. The audience valued the role of these defenders and thought about how many people could be involved in similar conditions.


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