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| Subject: International Relations

The AMB described the implementation of 5G in the metropolitan area of Barcelona

On the 7th July 2021, a meeting of the City Managers Community from the Metropolis network was held. This community includes the leaders of the network's main cities and metropolitan areas and aims at identifying shared challenges and practical solutions for providing public services on a metropolitan level.

The session revolved around the implementation of 5G technology, which is now being introduced in different metropolitan areas, like Madrid, Ramallah, Sao Paulo, Gauteng, Rio de Janeiro, Seoul, Guangzhou and the AMB.

Ramon Torra, general manager of the AMB, talked about the need of linking 5G with public services and metropolitan competencies. 5G is a technology with multiple applications in metropolitan services, like transport and mobility, public space management (beaches and parks), risk management, support to SMEs and the productive fabric, among others.

He also explained the main goals of 5G implementation in the metropolitan area, like increasing the capacity of the services offered by the AMB to municipalities, companies and citizens and providing a more efficient management closer to the citizens. Torra argued that it is important to communicate with operators, since they will set the infrastructure in cities and metropolises.

Another goal of the session was to determine the topics and dynamics for the next City Managers Community meeting, which will be held in October.

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