More ERDF projects

| Subject: Government Action, Metropolis, International Relations

AMB accepts over 12 M€ from the ERDF to subsidise five projects

The Metropolitan Council during their plenary session of 21 May 2019, accepted a subsidy from the FEDER of 12,607,655.54 euros which will be allocated to five different projects proposed by the AMB and approved by the Government of Catalonia.

These actions were presented within the framework of the agreement signed in August 2017 between the Government of Catalonia and the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) to carry out actions for priority axes 2, 4 and 6, as part of the ERDF Catalonia Operational Programme 2014-2020 which invests in growth and jobs.

All ERDF projects with a co-financing rate of 50% were programmed in Axis 4, which is based on the AMB fostering a transition to a low-carbon economy with the objective of reducing pollutant emissions and the greenhouse effect whilst also raising awareness of air pollution amongst the population.

Implementation of a low-emission zone inside the Barcelona Metropolitan Area through a comprehensive and intelligent sustainable-mobility management system.

This project, approved at an eligible cost of 3,720,777.84€, has as its objective to accelerate the implementation of an integral and intelligent sustainable-mobility management system in the metropolitan low-emission zone, allowing to progress towards a low-carbon economy in order to preserve air quality and reduce air pollution. LEZ

Improvement of energy efficiency and reduction of emissions by changing Barcelona's ring roads' conventional lighting system and replacing it with LED technology.

This project, at an eligible cost of 11,405,152.60€, includes the substitution of the Rondes' conventional lighting system for one with LED projectors operated via a remote control system which will adjust the light based on the different parameters established by the regulation (traffic intensity, weather, etc.), thus achieving maximum efficiency and guaranteeing the proper functioning of the tunnels on Barcelona's ring roads at all times. Rondes de Barcelona

Installation of photovoltaic facilities in the metropolitan area to foster energy saving and efficiency.

The objective of this project, at an eligible cost of 5,925,381.00€, is to execute, legalise and set up 70 solar photovoltaic facilities in each metropolitan municipality (Barcelona excluded) divided into two different configurations: 35 on the roof of public municipal buildings and 35 on the streets as solar panels. European co-funding will help metropolitan support towards energy efficiency and intelligent-energy management, as well as the use of renewable energies in public infrastructure. Fotolineres

Expansion of secure bicycle parking in the metropolitan area

This project, programmed at an eligible cost of 2,259,000.00€, will contribute to the implementation of a sustainable metropolitan mobility model in which the bicycle will play a key role, increasing the current facilities available with large-capacity Bicibox collective parking, adapting facilities in train and metro stations to contribute to intermodality and building new modules in the more in-demand locations and in new metropolitan municipalities. Bicibox

Expansion of the metropolitan network of public charging points for electric vehicles.

This project, at an eligible cost of 1,905,000.00€, is part of the AMB's measures to foster sustainable metropolitan mobility and, more specifically, favour electric mobility as an efficient way to combat air pollution and climate change. For this purpose, the AMB plans to expand its network of charging points for electric vehicles and offer this option in all metropolitan municipalities. Electrolineres