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It has received a prize for his innovation at the PT Global Water Awards

BINGO project, in which AMB participates, has been selected and awarded with the I + D + i - Transnational Initiatives for Research, Development and Innovation, of the PT Global Water Awards, delivered on November 21 at the thirteenth Expo Conference for Water of Lisbon.

BINGO project, with 20 partners from 6 different European countries, including AMB, and funded through Horizon 2020 program, has as its main objective to provide practical tools and knowledge to end users, water managers, politicians and others involved, about how climate change will affect the territory and the population in the future, and how to deal with it.

From AMB it was presented, as a case study, the risk of floods in the city of Badalona, where there are important problems of drainage of torrential waters as a result of the existence of strongly urbanized and waterproof areas. After months of study, mathematical models have been created, which predict and represent the future risk of rainfall floods in the city, taking into account the future climatic conditions, and analyzing the possible problems and the implementation of correcting measures or dissipators of this risk, which will be specified with the completion of the project in 2019.

Internationalization of the Portuguese water sector

The PT Global Water Awards distinguish the internationalization of the Portuguese water sector. They are promoted by the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MATE) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and are coordinated by the Portuguese Partnership for Water (PPA).

The award was delivered to the LNEC of Lisbon (National Laboratory of Civil Engineering) that coordinates BINGO project in Portugal and was represented at the awards ceremony, by the engineer and Coordinator Rafaela Matos.

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