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Pre-Commercial procurement for a 100% Renewable Energy Supply
Technical details
Total Project Budget: 10.943.124 € / AMB Budget: 1.671.250 €
  • 90% cofinanced

    90% cofinanced
In progress


Buildings are responsible for 40 % of energy demand and 36 % of emissions in the European Union. Given that by 2050, the deadline set to achieve a reduction in energy demand of 80 % compared to 2005, 90 % of existing buildings will still be in operation, the acceleration of the renovation of buildings across Europe becomes an urgent need. The procuRE project was born in this context and brings together 6 public procurement entities from 6 different countries, responsible for a total of 21,000 buildings in order to pursue the goal of a 100 % renewable supply of public buildings.

The main objective of the project is the development of a renovation tools set (from design to implementation, day-to-day operation, contracting, finance) to overcome the limitations that have hitherto hampered energy renewal, linked to the establishment of renewable energy supplies (RES), in non-residential public buildings: constraints such as space, finance, lack of storage capacity to reduce dependency levels of centralized energy supply networks, fragmentation of the market... In this way, and based on the pre-commercial procurement process (PCP), procuRE is expected to provide 6 alternative configurations to achieve a 100 % renewable energy supply.