MEGA - Metropolis Energy GovernAnce

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Governance in the energy transition towards a low carbon society in metropolitan areas
Technical details
Leader: AMB

Lyon Métropole
Intendencia de Montevideo
Action area:
Environmental sustainability
94.000 €
  • AMB Budget: 26.000 € (27,6% financed by European Funds)

    AMB Budget: 26.000 € (27,6% financed by European Funds)
In progress


Cities and metropolitan areas are widely recognised as critical players for tackling climate change and fostering a transition towards a low-emission energy model.

This project is led by the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) and is partnering with the metropolitan areas of Lyon and Montevideo.

MEGA's main objective is to exchange knowledge on how metropolitan areas face governance in the energy transition process towards a low carbon-society. The project will focus on the design and implementation of the energy transition process in these three cities and the results and impact of the measures taken. The ultimate goal is to generate and transfer practical knowledge that enables the promotion of efficient initiatives to address energy transition processes in other metropolitan areas.

After a series of activities, such as exchange workshops and study visits, the project will collect information and elaborate a series of political and technical recommendations on how to improve governance in an energy transition framework in metropolitan areas. 


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