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Final conference Climate Metropole
Cooperation and exchange of knowledge towards an integrated and participatory approach to adapting cities to climate change.
Technical details
Leader: Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. Metropolis

Partners: Lyon Metropolitan Area; Liverpool City Region Brussels OfficeBerlin City Council Department of Urban Development and the Environment
Action area:
Climate change
134.500,00 €
  • AMB Budget: 50.500,00 € (40% financed by European Funds)

    AMB Budget: 50.500,00 € (40% financed by European Funds)
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This project is an initiative of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area and the Metropolis network. The aim is to share experiences and generate knowledge about climate change adaptation among the four metropolitan areas that are members: Berlin, Lyon, Liverpool and Barcelona.

The Climate Metropole aims to generate and share knowledge about the various measures for adaptation to climate change and to define the political and technical elements that are required to articulate such policies in urban areas.

Its objectives are: to develop metropolitan governance strategies and actions to adapt to climate change in those aspects related to the complete water cycle, mobility and transport, territory, management and prevention of municipal waste and the environmental authority; to generate and transfer practical knowledge to cities so they may promote efficient adaptation measures; and to establish the necessary coordination mechanisms to adapt plans for areas that are geographically related, surpassing administrative boundaries. The project started in June 2015 and will end in December 2016.
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