Agreement FCCD 2017

Award of a direct grant to the Catalan Development Cooperation Fund for the implementation of four projects

Cartell de la campanya Ciutats defensores dels drets humans
Technical details

Catalan Development Cooperation Fund (FCCD)

Action area:
Central America, Europe, Mediterrània-Mashriq
Water cycle, Education for Global Justice, Refugees
  • AMB: 37.000,00 €

In progress Done


The Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) is part of the Catalan Development Cooperation Fund, and is contributing directly to the following four actions:

  • Shared waters: urban management for comprehensive water resource management in the Trifinio region (phase IV)

Working with the River Lempa Trinational Frontier Association, an organisation consisting of municipalities in the area bordering three countries: Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. The project contributes to improving the drinking water service in three urban areas - Esquipulas (Guatemala), Ocotepeque (Honduras) and Citalá (El Salvador), by improving the infrastructure of the drinking water and management systems for the efficient provision of this public service, raising awareness of water use issues, and strengthening the trinational alliance for the sustainable management of the Lempa River.

  • Diagnosis of urban waste management in northern Jordan.

Jordan is a country that has taken in a large number of refugees, and this has overwhelmed municipal capacities and structures due to the sharp increase in the local population. Urban waste management has been one of the services affected by the rapid population growth.

The Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) and the Catalan Development Cooperation Fund are engaged in preparing a diagnosis of urban waste management in the north of the country in order to identify the main challenges facing the host municipalities.

  • Cities defending human rights

This project, involving the Catalan Development Cooperation Fund, the Catalan Refugee Aid Commission, the Human Rights Institute of Catalonia and the International Catalan Institute for Peace, with the participation of Catalan municipalities and other institutions, aims to raise awareness of the work of defenders of human rights in various regions.

  • Strengthening the governance of the Catalan Development Cooperation Fund

The 38th Ordinary General Assembly of the Catalan Development Cooperation Fund, held on 21 June 2017, approved the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan is the basis for the implementation of various measures to strengthen the governance of this institution, which is made up of local and supra-municipal governments in Catalonia, including the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB).