EMA 2016 Conference


| Subject: International Relations

The AMB is organising the second encounter of European metropolitan authorities in Turin

On 12 February, the second forum of the European Metropolitan Authorities (EMA) will be held in Turin, a meeting of the European metropolitan authorities promoted by the AMB, with the aim of sharing experiences, fostering joint projects and positioning and defending their interests before the European Union and states.

The EMA conference this year will be employed to define metropolitan projects and transfer them to the European Union and the Dutch presidency for the European Urban Agenda, on which it is currently working.

The mayors, presidents and political representatives who have confirmed their participation at the meeting include those from the metropolitan areas of Paris, Oslo, Vienna, Athens, Warsaw, Poznan, Milan, Florence, Madrid, Budapest, Lyon, Lisbon, Stuttgart, Hannover, Thessalonica, Porto, Bilbao, Nice and Tirana, as well as representatives from international organisations and networks such as the OECD, the EU Dutch presidency, the Committee of the Regions, Metropolis, Metrex, Eurocities and Medcities.

Alfred Bosch will represent the Barcelona Metropolitan Area in the large political debate forum among the large metropolitan regions of Europe. Bosch will travel to Turin as a co-host of the conference of cities and will also participate in the round table ‘EU, national and regional policies for metropolitan areas'.

In 2015, the first meeting with these characteristics was held in Barcelona, promoted by the AMB and bringing together representatives from over 15 metropolitan areas throughout Europe.