Metropolitan Areas as international brands

| Subject: Socio-economic development, Metropolis, International Relations

International seminar: "The key role of Metropolitan Areas as International brands"

The international seminar ‘The key role of Metropolitan Areas as International brands', which addressed the role of metropolitan areas as international brands, was held in the city of Oporto on Tuesday 27 June.

Today, metropolises are subject to pressure from the changes and transformations on a global scale that are affecting the world's large urban areas. The international geopolitical and socio-economic context resulting from globalisation, and how the country is evolving and the risks associated with rising inequality and exclusion mean that we have to think about how to address these challenges.

The AMB was represented by members of the International Cooperation and Social and Economic Development areas, and experts from Barcelona City Council's Marca Barcelona project. They presented the joint strategies that are being implemented in the region for the management and future of the Barcelona brand, and highlighted the role of the future Economic Development Agency as a tool for developing the vision of Barcelona as a hub for innovation and business beyond the strict boundaries of the municipality of Barcelona.

This seminar is part of the MEANING project (Metropolitan Europeans in Active Network, Inducing Novelties in Governance) coordinated by ALDA (European Association for Local Democracy) which aims to establish a network of European metropolitan cities that exchange experiences on their management and role in the future of European governance, focusing on their citizens' participation in these processes.

In addition to the AMB, the seminar was attended by experts and politicians from various metropolises including Milan, Gdansk, Zagreb, Riga, Bari, Lisbon and the host city, Oporto.

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