Public space

Recreació coronavirus

You can practice sport, bathe and go for a walk at open metropolitan parks and beaches.


  • Keep the safety distance of 2 m with users that are not living in the same residence (including towels and other belongings).
  • Groups of 15 people maximum, unless they live together.
  • Showers and toilets shall be used individually, unless the user needs assistance.
  • Footwear is advisable.
  • Please leave the beach if you feel any of the symptoms of the COVID-19.
The beach and its facilities shall be used responsibly, in interest of health and environment. Please follow the recommendations and measures established by health authorities and local councils to avoid spread the virus.
  • INFOPLATGES: to know the occupancy level of the beaches
    The AMB Infoplatges app incorporates a new information service that shows the occupancy level of metropolitan beaches in real time. It is now easier to know if the beach you want to go to is crowded and then choose another one that is less busy.


    Persona consultant la web app
  • What actions does the AMB undertake?
    • Disinfection of equipments and furniture on the beach.
    • Manual cleaning: collection of dead animals and hazardous waste.
    • Sifting and ploughing of sand on the beaches.
    • Usual equipment and furniture maintenance.
    • Regular inspection with detection and resolution of possible dangerous incidents.
    • Emptying of semi-underground waste containers whenever the sensors indicate an almost full filling level.
    • Managing of storm-related operations: maintenance of rain drainage systems and watercourses.
    Operari desinfectant la platja

  • Cleaning and disinfection of children's games, sports equipment and fountains.
  • Global cleaning, emptying of waste baskets and cleaning of pavement and herbaceous covers.
  • Regular inspection of parks with detection and resolution of possible incidents, like the removal of risk elements or the marking of elements, when necessary.
  • Reduction to the minimum of automatic watering and assurance of manual watering to recent planted trees.
  • Monitoring and resolution of urgent incidents that affect the lighting or water leaks.
  • Essential ordinary tasks, like grass and fields reaping or sandy grounds airing to avoid their degradation or possible contamination.
  • Treatments for comprehensive control of pests and diseases in vegetation.

Collserola Park
Regulations and recommendations for activities in the Collserola Natural Park, during the health crisis due to COVID-19.

In addition to the restrictions due to the health crisis, you should respect the ordinances and follow the best practice advices during your visit to the Natural Park.

Parking areas, leisure and rest areas, public service facilities and Park offices are closed until further notice.

Check regulations and recommendations


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