Two FEDER subsidies accepted


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These are the first two operations approved under the FEDER Generalitat - AMB agreement

During the plenary session of January 29, the Metropolitan Council accepted two FEDER subsidies of 2,148,760.33€ and 6,690,090.81€, amounting to € 9,108,851.14, from the first two approved operations by the Government of Catalonia.

Both operations have been programmed within the framework of the Agreement, signed in August 2017, between the Government of Catalonia and the Barcelona Metropolitan Area for the development of actions of priority axes 2, 4 and 6 within the Operational Program for Investment in growth and employment FEDER Catalunya 2014-2020.

Smart AMB Platform

The first one, within priority axis 2: Improvement of the use and quality of ICTs, is the Smart AMB Platform, with an eligible cost of 4,297,520.66€, which incorporates all actions linked to Smart Cities technologies implemented by the AMB and related to metropolitan services (urban parks, rivers, beaches, waste, etc.). Thanks to the European co-financing, a higher range of metropolitan services can be supported, such as public transport and waste management to the Platform, as well as new features: immediate opinions from citizens, a system allowing to file online complaints and suggestions, additional municipal information and the interconnection of the management data.

Socio-environmental recovery operation of the metropolitan river areas 

The second one, within the priority axis 6: of Conservation and protection of the environment and the efficiency of resources, is the socio-environmental recovery operation of the metropolitan river areas (the Besòs and Llobregat rivers), including the drains that drain directly to the sea. It also includes the slopes of Collserola, with an eligible cost of 13,920,181.62€. Through the European co-financing, the green and ecological quality of this green infrastructure can be recovered and preserved, and therefore citizens will be able to enjoy new public spaces of great ecological and landscape value. In the same way, these actions will also recover and preservate fluvial courses that are currently deficient from a hydrological perspective, thus ensuring the mitigation of associated flooding risks.

Although the actions are carried out from the metropolitan sphere, it is worth mentioning the participatory process carried out with the different town councils in the framework of the Program of actions in natural and urban landscapes PSG, when identifying the fields in which an action is needed and the best kind of solutions to be applied.

Both operations have a co-financing rate of 50% of FEDER and will be managed until 2023.


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