Sub>urban closes stage 1 in Vienna


| Subject: International Relations, Urban Planning

This integrated sustainable development project is part of the European URBACT programme

On 18 and 19 February, the final meeting was held in Vienna for stage 1 of the European project now called Sub>urban – Reinventing the Fringe. Different European metropolitan areas and cities explored and shared sustainable urban development strategies in their regions by outlining ways to reinvent the periphery.

Six partners have been involved in this initial six-month stage. Antwerp (project leader), Vienna, Düsseldorf, Solin (Croatia), Casoria (Naples) and the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, specifically from the Urban Planning Services Division. Each of them will present their local action plans and the challenges they must tackle over the course of the two days of the meeting. With regard to the AMB, the local plan will be for Badia del Vallès. The aim is for the different plans to be enriched by others' research, projects and solutions.

A project that is part of the URBACT programme

Sub>urban - Reinventing the Fringe has a total term of 30 months. Phase one will formally end in March of this year, at which time phase two will commence, for a further 24 months.

Four new partners will be added for phase two: Stuttgart, Oslo, Brno (Czech Republic) and Baia Mare (Romania).

Sub>urban is a project that is part of the European URBACT programme, which facilitates regional cooperation between cities through the exchange of knowledge and best practices in sustainable urban development.

Its mission is to make it possible for cities to work together to develop comprehensive solutions to handle the most common urban problems, create exchange networks, learn from others' experiences, draw lessons, best practices and improve public policies.

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