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Mobility Law

Law 9/2003 of mobility is the norm establishing "principles and objectives to be met by a mobility management of passengers and freight transport aimed at sustainability and security".


  1. Right of citizens to accessibility under adequate and safe conditions of mobility, with the minimal environmental impact as far as possible.
  2. Organisation of a sustainable goods distribution system.
  3. Priority of transports with lower social and environmental costs of both passengers and goods.
  4. Encouragement and motivation of public and collective transport, as well as other transport systems of low or no impact, such as journeys by bicycle or on foot.
  5. Involvement of society in making decisions affecting people's mobility.
  6. Proper distribution of transport implementation and management costs.
  7. Compliance with EU policies on this matter.
  8. Promotion of sustainable mobility.
  9. Promotion of sustainable urban development and rational use of land.
  10. Compliance with current international treaties related to climate protection as for mobility.


Planning tools

Law 9/2003 of 13th June, of mobility, establishes planning tools and organises them hierarchycally. The DNM (National Mobility Guidelines) are the main tool. They act as a guiding framework for the implementation of the objectives of mobility and must be used for the preparation of the different mobility planning tools:

a) Mobility master plans, aimed at the territorialised development of the DNM. For example, the Mobility Master Plan of the Barcelona Metropolitan Region.

b) Specific plans, aimed at developing by sectors the DNM for different means or mobility infrastructures, either in passengers or goods transport.

c) Urban mobility plans, which are the basic document for setting strategies of sustainable mobility of the municipalities of Catalonia. Its territorial scope is the municipality or the relevant agreement with the affected Town Councils, the number of municipalities with a scheme of interdependent mobility, whether comprising a continuous urban area or not.


Full text of the Law

Download full text Llei 9/2003, de 13 de juny, de la mobilitat (Catalan).

Read the law on the web de la Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan or Spanish).