Support social policies

The metropolitan support programm to municipal social policies 2016-2019 is endowed with 30 million € and offers economic support to municipal programs that can enhance initiatives generating direct employment within the territory, reinforcing the employment local tools and networks and improving the employability conditions of the unemployed population.

Consequently, the support Plan to municipal social policies becomes the main tool to be developed during the term, in order to reach one of the most important AMB strategic objectives: maintaining social cohesion.

The technical and conceptual preparation of this Plan has followed principles of municipal solidarity and cooperation, and has taken into account the different socioeconomic situations given in the territory.

The metropolitan support Plan to municipal social policies is endowed with 30 million Euros and its development will cover thirty-five municipalities, since it does not include the city of Barcelona.

The document Pla metropolità de suport a les polítiques socials municipals includes its operation specifications, that is the requirements for beneficiary town councils and projects that could receive a subsidy, together with tools for the monitoring and control of expenditure.