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Strategic objectives

The AMB international action aims at offering new improvement, innovation and knowledge opportunities to municipalities, institutional actors, economic and social stakeholders in the metropolitan territory as well as to boost the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) at international level, as a leading institution in terms of metropolitan governance and provision of quality services to citizens.


  1. To transfer the opportunities arisen in the context of the European Union and the international networks where the AMB participates and actively defend the metropolitan interests.
  2. To develop new international projects in the area of the competences and priorities of the AMB mandate plan, by applying for European Union and/or other international organizations funding.
  3. To involve municipalities as well as economic and social stakeholders of the metropolitan area in the AMB international action and cooperate with the Barcelona City Council international strategy.


Lines of work

  1. Contributing and influencing the European and international agenda, seeking to articulate them with the municipalities and other stakeholders in the territory.
  2. Creating a European network of priority metropolitan areas and regions for AMB.
  3. Service and technical assistance on European funding and projects for the AMB and the metropolitan municipalities.
  4. Strengthening the presence and activity in international associations, networks and platforms.
  5. Assistance to international delegations.
  6. Development Cooperation.
  7. International organisations based in Barcelona.
  8. Communication, monitoring and assessment.


World geographic priorities areas

  • Europe
  • Mediterranean (This region, West Africa, Central America and the Caribbean - are also priority areas for  the AMB Development Cooperation Master Plan 2013-2016)
  • Latin America
Progressively, and without rejecting clear and immediate opportunities, other world regions will be incorporated. Collaboration proposals coming from other regions of the world such as Asia, North America or Oceania wil be analysed by the International Relations department.


Services for town councils

The presence of the AMB at the international scale should be shared with municipalities of the metropolitan area of Barcelona. The International Relations Service makes available to town councils the following services:

1. Support, information, assistance and strategy in international relations matters.

2. Presence in international organizations and networks of local interests, where the AMB is involved, especially Medcities, Metropolis, United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) and other sectoral networks.

3. Specialized networks for European cooperation with metropolitan municipalities, in collaboration with other Catalan institutions working in the field of international relations, such as the Catalan Government and the Barcelona Provincial Council.

4. Positioning proposals in municipal and metropolitan themes, made jointly by municipalities and the AMB, in order to make them reach the European and international institutions.

5. Assistance in preparing applications and search for partners in Community programs from 2014 to 2020.