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Metropolitan strategy

The AMB strategic planning area defines and coordinates the main lines of action to be implemented following the establishment of the AMB as a new administration. It also actively participates in the formulation of future goals with other management areas and involved agents.

Metropolitan strategy to face the crisis

To face the crisis: the metropolis of Barcelona. This is the central project of the AMB thought to coordinate an economic and social strategy against crisis, identifying the competitiveness and productivity territorial factors of the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

To implement this goal, such strategy is working to create an agreement model with those economic and social key agents that can join initiatives and projects initiated in a metropolitan and municipal level.

REM (Strategic Metropolitan Reflexion)

The project defines what should the AMB be in the medium and long term, as well as its overall lines of action. The REM is a global plan involving all areas, plans and projects started by the AMB.

It is coordinated by the Strategic Planning area with the aim of bringing together the participation of all municipalities, institutions, and agents of the civil society of the AMB besides the own institution agents.

Desplegable-resum de la REM (2015) (cat)