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International cooperation

The AMB works in the field of cooperation and education for development. From the respect to development priorities of recipient countries, the projects can be carried out directly by the AMB or supported by projects of NGOs and Town Councils.


  • | Theme: Development Cooperation, International Relations

    Alliance between Valle de Aburrá and the AMB

    A cooperation agreement will enable collaboration in terms of governance and the delivery of services until 2019

  • | Theme: Development Cooperation

    Signing of Phase III of the AMB-MTFRL Agreement

    El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala move forward in promoting the right to water of the population of Trifinio, with the addition of local participation in water management

  • | Theme: Development Cooperation, Sustainable Mobility

    World bicycle promotion

    The AMB presents its strategy to international experts to promote bicycles in Medellin

  • | Theme: Development Cooperation, International Relations

    MediCities trains on European programs

    Seventy officers and elected representatives of Lebanon and Tunisia learn about opportunities for project funding