The AMB in Seoul


| Subject: International Relations, Urban Planning

Urban planning, green infrastructure and public space projects present at Korea's capital

Expo in Seoul

The AMB presented in Seoul its institutional model and the main metropolitan projects. Within the framework of the bilateral relations between the Seoul metropolitan government and the AMB, the seminar "Barcelona: Public Space and Innovation" took place. Ramon Torra, general manager of the AMB, presented the metropolitan institution and its competences, the main urban planning projects (like the Metropolitan Urban Master Plan, or PDU) and numerous public space interventions (municipal facilities, territorial projects, housing, green infrastructure, etc.). He also explained the way in which the AMB works together with city councils and other public and private actors to develop joint services.

The delegation of the AMB also analised the metropolitan territory and its complexity, the metropolitan management of infrastructures, the recovery of the ecological connectors, the response to climate change, innovation measures, the role of smart cities in the management of metropolitan services, green infrastructure projects and innovative solutions within the metropolitan area.

The seminar was presented by Kim In Je, president of the Seoul City Planning and Management Committee, and Kim Seung Hoy, main architect of the city. After the presentation, a debate among Seoul municipal representatives and academics was held.

In the morning, the metropolitan delegation attend to a meeting with Jin Hee Sun, deputy mayor of Seoul, to talk about the various collaboration projects between both institutions. Meetings to discuss territorial atractiveness, smart cities and sustainable mobility will be held too.

The AMB participated in the closing ceremony of the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism with its own stand. In this edition of the Biennale, there were more than 80 participant cities and metropolises and it welcomed more than 500.000 visitors.


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