SESAME project


| Subject: Agriculture, International Relations

Training on urban and peri-urban metropolitan agriculture

Parc Agrari del Baix Llobregat

The SESAME (Supporting Entrepreneurship and Agricultural Know-How in Metropolitan Areas) project of the Erasmus Programme has been approved. The project will be conducted over a period of 28 months and has a total budget of 236,215€, of which the AMB will provide approximately 18,050€.

The main objective of the SESAME project is to foster agricultural projects in the metropolitan areas of member countries and entrepreneurship in the urban and peri-urban metropolitan agriculture sector. For this purpose, a professional training module will be created for students enrolled in vocational training courses in the different participating schools.

Furthermore, initiatives will be implemented in order to involve local public administrations and key actors that will boost the development of urban and peri-urban agriculture in the metropolises. These initiatives will be implemented through microlearning training sessions on the challenges and opportunities for urban and peri-urban agriculture, and will foster new synergies between the students and the administrations in order to approach metropolitan agriculture with an enhanced cross-cutting vision.

The AMB will participate in the project's training modules and activities through international workshops and events with the other key actors, as well as in project-dissemination activities and publications related to the subject.
The project will be lead by the IRFEDD (Institut Régional de Formation à l'Environnement et au Développement Durable) based in Marseille and its participating public institutions, research centres and vocational training schools will come from France, Italy and Spain.