Preventing flash floods in Badalona


| Subject: Aigua, Climate Change, International Relations

Meeting of the BINGO European project on the effects of climate change on the water cycle

The second annual congress of the BINGO Project, a European initiative that aims to have the necessary tools and knowledge to tackle the impact of climate change on droughts and floods, took place in the German city of Mulheim from 27 to 29 June. The congress, which was attended by all the members taking part in the project, helped them pool their knowledge of the tasks that are being carried out and define the objectives for the short term.

The AMB presented a poster that outlined the themes of the project that is being carried out in Badalona. In this case, simulations are performed to calculate the effect of the major flooding of flash floods that may occur as a result of climate change, in order to see the impact on the environment and to be able to present possible solutions.

The poster shows what the expected results will be, their importance, the extent to which the opinion of all the parties involved will be taken into account and the communication between them, and the projected results.

The AMB is participating in the BINGO Project through the Services Department of the Water Cycle, with Badalona City Council, Aigües de Barcelona and Aqualogy.

The documentary Scientists against climate change drought and flooding, a production by the Futuris program for Euronews, was also announced during the Congress.

The BINGO project, led by the LNEC (National Laboratory of Civil Engineering) in Lisbon, is part of the European Horizon 2020 programme.


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