International urban mobility meeting


| Subject: Mobility and Transport, International Relations

The AMB presents the Metropolitan Parking App and other tools for improving mobility

On the 10th and 11th of May, the AMB participated in Međunarodni susret gradova, an international meeting on urban mobility in Split (Croatia). The objectives of this meeting were to share experiences and best practices in integral planning, public transport and parking.

The metropolitan administration presented, on one hand, different studies on some metropolitan roads' potential to become unifying civic avenues for the metropolis, and on the other hand, the new Metropolitan parking app, which provides a new payment method through mobile phones. The AMB's representatives emphasized the value of this new procedure, which allow users to have a more agile and comfortable service management without waits or the need of going to a parking meter.

In addition, the AMB participated in a technical seminar together with local actors to evaluate the city's current situation and propose new strategies that could improve the urban mobility model for the city of Split. Other cities which participated in the international meeting were Oslo (Norway), Graz (Austria), Rzeszow (Poland) and Dubrovnik (Croatia).



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