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The AMB will partner with the San Salvador Metropolitan Area to strengthen local governance

El Salvador

The AMB, through the Department of International Cooperation, and in cooperation with other departments, has partnered with the Council of Mayors and Planning Office of the San Salvador Metropolitan Area (COAMSS-OPAMSS) in a European Union project aimed at strengthening local governance in the San Salvador Metropolitan Area (AMSS). The project, entitled "Strengthening AMSS Governance for the Adoption and Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals", will conclude in September 2022.

In order to face the major challenges stemming from increasing global urbanisation, metropolitan areas will playing an increasingly important role given their capacity to incorporate the strategies necessary to transform cities and build a fairer, more equal and environmentally sustainable society, in line with the agreements established under the 2030 Agenda. In this regard, the position of the AMSS must be strengthened in order to address current challenges and capitalise on opportunities that may present themselves in the coming decades.

The aim of this project is to work together to strengthen metropolitan governance and the institutional capacities, techniques and policies of the AMSS, as well as adopt and implement the SDGs.

As a result, joint efforts are being made to update the regulatory and metropolitan institutional framework prior to engaging in a multi- actor, level and sector dialogue on the subject of urban policies and challenges.

The project will also provide support to strengthen the institution's technical, financial and administrative capacity to adopt an inclusive, equitable and sustainable urban development model in accordance with the SDGs and other international agreements.

Lastly, the AMB's partnership will also serve to strengthen the municipalities' and local authorities' capacity to develop and implement integrated, inclusive and sustainable public policies.

The project will involve a close partnership between the two main leaders, the COAMSS-OPAMSS and the AMB, as well as active participation and coordination throughout the project implementation process woth workshops, work sessions, forums and other means of interaction between the key actors involved, and also reflection and validation. This partnership will start with the first visit by a delegation of technical and political representatives from various municipalities in the AMSS, which is due to take place during the first half of 2020.

This project was submitted as part of the call for proposals on "Local Authorities: Partnerships for Sustainable Cities", implemented by the European Union's Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development (DEVCO), with the COAMSS/OPAMS as lead applicant and the AMB as co-applicant. 


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