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A study of the impact of increased flooding due to climate change

The results of the BINGO Project were presented in Badalona on the 13th of June. The goal of the project is to inform sanitation network managers and involved actors like some administrations, including the AMB.

For four years this project has studied, in the city of Badalona, sudden urban floods and overflows of the sanitation networks as a consequence of variations in precipitation caused by climate change, in both the short and long term. 

In order to do this, sensors were installed. They have permitted to calibrate the sanitation network and to create a model with rain forecasts in the short and long term. The model and its associated calculations have provided a deep understanding of the drainage system behaviour and the risks provoked by rain, looking at overflows of the sanitation network as well as to floods that could occur in the urban area, which could cause damage to the roadways, vehicles or buildings, or spread contaminants on the beach.

Flood prevention measures

With the aim of reducing the previously mentioned risks, the application of three types of adaptive measures were proposed in a work meeting with the different involved actors. They included: firstly, structural measures like amplifying the drainage system. Secondly, implementing sustainable drainage systems such as green roofs or filter lands, amongst others. And finally, implanting early alarm systems which warn of periods of intense rain that are about to occur, so that the different actors involved can activate an action protocol.

Ultimately, a new model of the network with the proposed measures and a cost/benefit analysis for implementing and operating each of them would help public administrations to deploy it.

Considering the AMB's work to understand the effects of the climate change in the metropolitan territory, and especially, the effects related to the water cycle, the work experience from the BINGO Badalona project has become a model to replicate in other metropolitan municipalities which are similar to Badalona, either because of their terrain or their climate.


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