| Subject: International Relations

The AMB has been chosen to take part in a new project involving European funds and citizens

Projecte FEDER

The AMB was recently selected to participate in the CAMELOT Project (Cities and Metropolis in Europe Labouring Onward Together), part of the Europe for Citizens Programme.

The aim of the project is to make funds from the European cohesion policy available to citizens to promote their active participation and foster a sense of inclusion and proximity to Europe. CAMELOT seeks to provide citizens the knowledge necessary to actively participate in metropolitan and European life in a more mindful and mature manner, and show them the opportunities that active participation can bring and also how Europe, through various sources of funding, can help improve the quality of life in cities for all inhabitants.

The AMB will share its experience in managing European funds, like the ERDF and other transnational projects co-financed by the European Union. It will also bring the experience of the local councils and other metropolitan actors.

The partnership is comprised of a number of metropolitan areas. Milan is leading the project and it also includes Porto, Stuttgart, Zagreb, Riga, Bari, Gdansk and Craiova. This initiative continues the work undertaken as part of the  MEANING Project, under the same programme. During a period of 24 months, nine international events will be organised in efforts to promote the active involvement of citizens and other regional actors, particularly among the youngest members of society.

The project will last 24 months (March 2020 – April 2022) and has a budget of €148,680, of which the AMB will receive €17,640.