2nd Climate Metropole+


| Subject: Climate Change

The AMB continues to work with other European metropolises to adapt to climate change

Climate change is a fact and the AMB is combating it both on its region and through international actions. It was for this purpose that the 2nd Climate Metropole+ Conference is held on 8 and 9 February in Lyon.

This initiative is being led by the AMB, in the framework of the Metropolis network, and groups four large European urban areas (Berlin, Liverpool, Lyon and Barcelona) willing to share their best practices for fighting climate change and thus adapting to improving people's quality of life.

Lyon, as the host city, will open the first day by presenting its strategies on the effects of urban heat islands, green policies, water management and public-private partnerships. On the second day, the four partners will share their strategies for applying the principles and recommendations of the founding act, ‘No Regrets', and the future actions to undertake within the initiative.

The next conference will be held in Liverpool in spring 2016.

Complementary documents:

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