Rooms to rent

The Barcelona Metropolitan Area has rooms available for holding events such as training courses, meetings, conferences, workshops, presentations, etc. These can be used by town councils, institutions, universities, businesses, and other bodies. Please check out the economic conditions of rental, services and capacity of the different spaces.

The offered spaces are rooms for both internal and external use, and are located at the top floor of the AMB institutional headquarters. There is a total of seven spaces aimed at different uses.
  • Events room
    Room with 180 seats, stage and multimedia services.

    Rental price
    • Full day: 1,061.35 €
    • Half day: 732.95 €

  • Plenary room
    Conference hall with 106 seats equipped with individual microphones.

    Rental price
    • Full day: 530.67 €
    • Half day: 366.11 €

    Sala de plens
  • Comissió de Govern Room
    Closed meeting room of 95 m2 and 20 seats.

    Rental price
    • Full day: 318.98 €
    • Half day: 244.31 €

    Sala de la Comissió de Govern
  • Catalunya room
    Open room of 63 m2 for meetings or interviews.

    Rental price
    • Full day: 158.78 €
    • Half day: 122.52 €

    Sala Catalunya
  • Social area
    Open space of 161 m2, with catering facilities. An ideal space for breakfasts, snacks or standing lunches, with a capacity of 320 people.

    Rental price
    • Full day: 318.98 €
    • Half day: 244.31 €

    Àrea social
  • Multipurpose room
    Space and rooms with an area of 98 m2.

    Rental price
    • Full day: 318.98 €
    • Half day: 244.31 €

    Sala polivalent
  • Cabinet
    Closed room with a table for eight people. It includes the necessary equipment for holding videoconferences.

    Rental price
    • Full day: 118.90 €
    • Half day: 90.62 €

Services and bonuses
Rental price of the rooms includes general services of light and sound, porters, slide projectors, as well as water in the meeting and presidency tables.
  • Extra services
    • Use of simultaneous translation cabins
    • Infrared simultaneous translation
      • 50 receptors + headphones and two desks: 571.80 €
      • 2 interpreters (English or French): 1,000.00 €
    These prices may vary proportionally according to the language, the number of receptors and the number of interpreters.
  • Bonuses
    Organisation Bonuses on rental prices
    AMB staff, AMB autonomous bodies, Metropolitan town touncils, Universities, secondary schools, schools and others subject to Agreement 100 %
    Students (Final Degree or Research projects) 90 %
    Bodies of metropolitan town councils 75 %
    Metropolitan companies (100 % held by the AMB) 75 %
    Political parties and trade unions 50 %
    Bookstores 35 %
    Companies and bodies with participation of the AMB 25 %
    Puiblic sector: other Administrations and non-profit organisatrions 20 %
Information and reservations
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