GALILEO 4 Mobility

GALILEO 4 Mobility

Fostering the adoption of GALILEO for Mobility as a Service

Technical details

Leader: Pildo Labs Wessex Ltd., UK

Pildo Consulting SL, ES
Sensefields, ES
Transport Systems Catapult, UK
Taxi Way, GR
Fundació Creafutur, ES

Action area:
Mobility and Transport, Smartcities
2.734.772,50 €
  • AMB budget: 135.835 € (100% financed by European Funds)

    AMB budget: 135.835 € (100% financed by European Funds)
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Urban mobility is becoming an issue of great importance in today's society due to the increasing population movements towards big cities and the exponential growth of cities in developing countries.

GALILEO 4 Mobility will aim at supporting the introduction of GALILEO technology within the Mobility as a Service context, by analyzing the needs in terms of geolocation of the different stakeholders involved and demonstrating it the benefits of GALILEO through pilot demonstrators of shared mobility services.

Today, urban mobility schemes are evolving faster than ever mainly due to social, economic and technological changes. The democratization of smart mobile devices is allowing new business models based on sharing goods and services: the sharing economy. In that context, Shared mobility (SM) services have grown exponentially during last years. Whilst car sharing is still the most widespread form of SM, other services such as bike sharing, ride hailing and flexible forms of public transport are also growing rapidly.

New services based on the use of mobile apps to match demand and offer and to aggregate different transport modes are constantly increasing. Geolocation of users and vehicles by means of satellite navigation technologies has been widely used and it´s a key enabler for most of the services. While traditional GPS-based solutions have proven not to be a reliable solution, GALILEO will further improve signal availability, thus enhancing continuity of service for shared mobility services in urban or challenging environments.

AMB will led a pilot project that will take place in Cervelló, a small village in the Barcelona metropolitan region, where citizens living in the suburbs are connected to the densest part of the city by four bus lines covered with one bus, which results in a very low frequency of public transport. Thus, GALILEO4MOVILITY will provide an on-demand bus service aimed at a periurban and low-density area. Moreover, if the pilot works successfully, AMB would aim at expanding the service progressively to the full metropolitan region of Barcelona.



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