Conflict and Covid-19 emergency in Syria: protection and access to housing for internally displaced persons and refugees in Aleppo

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Action area:
Mediterrània-Mashriq . Syria
Emergency and humanitarian crises
  • AMB: 40.000,00 €

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The project aims to contribute to guaranteeing the rights to decent housing and international protection of the Syrian population living in Aleppo, as a measure to address the Covid-19 pandemic emergency.

The project supports 200 internally displaced Syrian families who have returned to Aleppo from other regions in Syria. Kits containing tools and materials including doors and windows, sanitation equipment, water and basic electrical items are distributed to households, and support is provided for repair work in homes for the families who ask for it. The beneficiaries of this project are the most vulnerable families in the muhafazah (province) of Aleppo, with a particular focus on women who are heads of single-parent families, who are in a situation of greater discrimination in terms of access to their own housing and property rights. Other vulnerable groups such as children, young people, women, people with disabilities and the elderly will receive special attention in terms of access to decent housing.

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