Progress of the RESSOC project


| Subject: International Cooperation, Waste, Sustainability

The waste separation plant in Cuscatancingo (El Salvador) fully operational

After three years, the El Salvador Ministry of the Environment has given permission to the Cuscatancingo waste separation plant to operate at full capacity, which will involve permanently hiring the people working there and ensuring the environmental cohesion and quality of this country. Until now, the waste separation plant had been only partially operational, acting as a warehouse for five recycling cooperatives and the destruction of specific materials.

The RESSOC social entrepeneurship and urban waste eco-management project (Circuito RESSOC) thus guarantees a key piece for its sustainable future.

The complete start-up of the plant was possible due to the work done from the AMB, the leader of this cooperation project, and its partners: the Council of Mayors in the San Salvador Metropolitan Area COAMSS/OPAMSS, the city councils of San Salvador, Cuscatancingo, Ayutuxtepeque, Apopa and Mejicanos, and Salvadoran cooperatives. Further important news is that the Inter-institutional Advisory Council –which partners drove forward to supervise project sustainability and made up of all players involved in the field– has taken over the project and become involved in it.