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Cercador global de l'AMB

Autoritats Metropolitanes Europees

The AMB promotes the creation of a space for political debate among European metropolitan authorities aimed at sharing experiences, fostering joint projects as well as positioning themselves and defending their interests in front of the European Union and states.

Mapa EMA Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona Área Metropolitana do Porto Rennes Metropole Città Metropolitana di Torino BRUSSELS – Capital Region WIEN Warsaw (WOF ZIT) Toulousse Lille SYNDICAT MIXTE PARIS METROPOLE Glasgow Oslo Liverpool Marseille Novi Sad Bologna
Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona Population: 3.239.337 Hab
Surface: 636 Km2
Municipality: 36
Área Metropolitana do Porto Population: 1.700.000 Hab
Surface: 1900 Km2
Municipality: 17
Rennes Metropole Population: 425.745 Hab
Surface: 711 Km2
Municipality: 43
Città Metropolitana di Torino Population: 2.275.000 Hab
Surface: 6.821 Km2
Municipality: 315
Brussels – Capital Region Population: 1.163.486 Hab
Surface: 161,38 Km2
Municipality: 19
Wien Population: 1.766.746 Hab
Surface: 414 Km2
Municipality: 1
Warsaw (WOF ZIT) Population: 2.673.000 Hab
Surface: 2.844 Km2
Municipality: 40
Lille Population: 1.106.885 Hab
Surface: 611,46 Km2
Municipality: 85
Toulouse Population: 738.142 Hab
Surface: 460 Km2
Municipality: 37
Surface: 2.845 Km2
Municipality: 212 Métropole du Grand Paris Population: 2.265.886 Hab
Surface: 105 Km2
Municipality: 1
Metrex The network of European
Metropolitan Regions and Areas

Participating institution based in Glasgow city
Population: 598.830 Hab
Surface: 175,5 Km2
Arkershus-Oslo Region Population: 1.200.000 Hab
Surface: 4.918 Km2
Municipality: 22
Liverpool (Merseyside) Population: 1.381.200 Hab
Surface: 645 Km2
Municipality: 5
Marseille Provence Métropole Population: 1.053.679 Hab
Surface: 607,45 Km2
Municipality: 18
Novi Sad Population: 341.625 Hab
Surface: 702,7 Km2
Municipality: 1
Città Metropolitana di Bologna Population: 1.001.170 Hab
Surface: 3.702 Km2
Municipality: 56