The Barcelona Metropolitan Area, as a local body with territorial character, has the authority and statutory regulations, as well as tax and pricing policy powers, within its responsibilities, as set out in Article 3 of the Preliminary Title of Law 31/2010 of the AMB, in accordance with the regional and state laws governing local regulations.

Concerning to hydraulic matters, the AMB approves regulations governing water cycle (supply, treatment, distribution and sewage treatment); and wastewater discharge in the metropolitan sewerage network. It also adopts ordinances to regulate tax rates derived from providing services and activities as administration body.

Regarding waste, the AMB approves regulations on management and treatment of municipal waste and on management of demolitions or other constructions debris. It also adopts fiscal ordinances regulating tax rates of municipal waste treatment and disposal in its facilities.

Acting as environmental authority, the AMB is also responsible for reporting and centralising management procedures for obtaining permits and licensing of economic activities within the metropolitan area.

You can find more information on specific regulations for economic activity, water and waste, and on the normative framework on the Catalan website.