Support to social policies

The 2020-2023 Metropolitan Plan to Support Municipal Social Policies is provided with 30.000.000 €. It is developed within the framework of the objectives 1 and 2 of the Agreement for the Government of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area for 2019-2023.

The Plan aims to support those municipal actions and initiatives intended to improve the conditions and the quality of life of the citizens in the metropolitan area of Barcelona; to reinforce social cohesion and coexistence, and to facilitate access to decent jobs. In this way, it seeks to increase effective and quality occupation, prioritising the most vulnerable people going through personal or economic difficulties (young people, women, long-term unemployed, families without any working member and disabled people).

The Metropolitan Plan to Support Municipal Social Policies is deployed in 35 municipalities, since it does not include Barcelona city.

The Plan is divided into two programmes:

Metropolitan Programme to Boost Labour Market
Lines of work:
  1. Singular projects
  2. Guidance and training
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Occupation plans
  5. Support to employment for companies and entities
Metropolitan Programme to Promote Social Cohesion
Lines of work:
  1. Cohesion, coexistence and safety
  2. Vulnerable households
  3. Universal accessibility
  4. Gender and identity
  5. Food guarantee

You will find further information on fund distribution and monitoring of the Plan on the Catalan website.