Investment Plan

The Metropolitan Investment Plan 2012-2015, endorsed with 228.88 million €, finances investments in natural areas, public spaces, infrastructures or facilities that structure the metropolis and that, at the same time, can provide use values in each metropolitan municipality. The new plan has been applied prudence criteria in revenues and containment in the structure expense.

The AMB Investment Plan 2012-2015 is applied through three programs: PACT (territorial cohesion), PAMMU (urban improvement), and projects and technical assistance.

The PACT is endorsed with 100 million € and is deployed in 35 municipalities (Barcelona is not included). It incorporates the actions of the AMB itself, either directly or in cooperation with town councils; it includes facilities, public spaces and infrastructures.

The PAMMU is endorsed with 118,884,375.68 Euros, an annual budget of 30 million Euros. This provision is intended to subsidise operations and works promoted by town councils, and it can be used to complement the actions of territorial cohesion in each municipality. Similarly to the PACT, the city of Barcelona is not included in this program.

The program of projects and technical assistance is endorsed with 10 million €, and allows contracting external technical help to complement the work carried out by the AMB technicians concerning to the projects for the development of the Metropolitan Investment Plan and as permanent support teams to metropolitan town councils in relation to the municipal actions linked to their technical specialties.

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