Signage for Teresa Pàmies Library

Three-dimensional system that offers better visibility and more harmony and elegance with the environment.

Senaylització biblioteca
José Hevia, Cómo Design
Technical details
  • Project date:
    November 2021
    Start work date:
    End work date:
    Work execution date:
    October 2022
    34.214,72 €
  • Authors:
    Susana Catalán, Anna Sodupe (Cómo Design Studio)
    Id Visual

The signage system for the new local library in the Almeda neighbourhood of Cornellà de Llobregat is mainly constructed of plywood, which is one of the most visible and defining materials used in the library's architecture and furniture. A system of solid, three-dimensional letters and plywood boards with cut-out lettering has been devised, both fronted with contrasting white or natural wood panels to give them visibility while staying in harmony with their elegant surroundings.

Wooden directional arrows have been placed on the concrete columns, and for the graphic elements in zones such as the children's area, geometric animals have been created out of plywood. For exterior street-level signage, vinyl lettering has been used, as plywood would not withstand the demands.

The library's main sign is made of lacquered white aluminium letters that seamlessly integrate into the bars of the outer grille.