Clara Campoamor Library

The new reading room for the Fontsanta neighbourhood in Cornellà
de Llobregat 

Maint entrance to the library
©José Hevia
Technical details
  • Project date:
    February 2017
    Start work date:
    End work date:
    Work execution date:
    November 2019
    Cornellà de Llobregat

    1.287  m²

    2.538.088 €
  • Authors:
    Luisa Solsona, Noemí Martínez (AMB)
    Project management:
    Luisa Solsona, Noemí Martínez (AMB) EXECUTIVE MANAGMENT: Jordi Colom, Olga Méliz (AMB)
    AMB TEAM: Julen Arbelaitz, Jordi Bardolet, Virgínia Díaz del Río, Sara Fernandes, Ventura Godoy, Marta Iglesias, Cati Montserrat, Oriol Paluzie, Stela Salinas, Lídia Serrat. EXTERN COLLABORATORS: Arau Acustica, Joan Gonzalez Gou, Manuel Arguijo y Asociados, Societat Orgànica, Gemma Domingo, Crisant Romans
    Calaf Constructora
    AMB Cornellà de Llobregat City Council

Clara Campoamor Library is a small facility with the programme requirements of a local library. It is located on a lot next to the Canal de la Infanta park, a green space that both separates and connects two neighbourhoods with very different realities. The building, on a single floor, is elevated above the ground to account for an important condition: the plot is crossed by a collector which, under exceptional circumstances, can overflow and cause flooding. The main entrance, from the square and from public transport, leads into an atrium that opens onto the different interior spaces and the facility’s central courtyard. From there, it descends in a series of steps to connect with the park, which sits on a lower level, passing under the building.