Women empowerment for inclusive mobility

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  • Subjects:
    Mobility and Transport
  • Status:
    En curs
  • Type / Subtype:
    EIT /
  • Municipality:
  • Budget:
    192.122,00 €
  • Financing:


    AMB budget: €26.789,00 (co-financed at 75 %)


Lead: AMB


  • AMB Informació i Serveis, SA
  • Institut d'Estudis Regionals i Metropolitans de Barcelona (IERMB)
  • Social Tech Projects Aps
  • Walk21 Foundation


Women walk, cycle and use public transport more often than men in most cities, and yet they are rarely invited to share their experiences or targeted to ensure existing services meet their needs. The Inclusify project will proactively engage women to share their challenges and concerns regarding the transport system; an innovative tool will be created so that the transport system can be mapped and analysed; and relevant authorities will be challenged to ensure their services are equitable and inclusive for women wherever possible as the foundation of a safe and sustainable future urban mobility system.

Women traveling within the metropolitan area of Barcelona will help co-create the Inclusify system so that their concerns can be mapped and solutions co-designed with the Administration and operators. The methodology and the tool will be scalable and replicable across Europe and internationally wherever women are using active and public transport and there is interest to improve safety, equity and sustainability.

The AMB has led the project through the Sustainable Mobility Service, and its public company AMB Informació has developed the citizen participation portal AMB Vosaltres, where women can communicate their concerns through voice messages, photos or written messages, and actively participate in the design of solutions.

AMB Vosaltres digital community

Àrea metropolitana de Barcelona
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